Are You Struggling Or Merely Surviving The Pandemic Work Conditions?

A recent Microsoft survey indicates that burnout is widespread.

It states that 54% of the employees are overworked, 39% are exhausted. Leaders and managers are disconnected from their staff, failing to build the required rapport in these challenging times. Never before has emotional intelligence been as crucial for the companies’ economic survival and success as it is right now.

Are you wondering when your leader or manager finally takes your concerns seriously? Would you rather be an inspired, engaged, and satisfied worker?

Take the current situation as a chance to reconsider what is important for you in your career. Stop the victim mode and make a conscious choice. You can only tackle your fear of uncertainty or inferiority by building up the required courage to change your professional life for the better.

This is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to create your desired career and perform on the highest level.

If you would like some effective assistance to achieve lasting results, contact me.

Anne Marie

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