Higher Consciousness Makes Your Life Easier

Have you ever heard about the four stages of human consciousness?


And do you know how they relate to your accomplishments and overall positive outcomes in life?

Are you wondering how different levels of consciousness in people could change the business environment for the better and make a lot of things easier?


The 1st level,

refers to the victim mode where our ego controls us and we feel a strong sense of separation. We believe our lives are controlled by external sources rather than by self-choice or self-responsibility. It\’s a world that’s designed by the culture we are surrounded by. When we begin to understand that our thoughts shape our reality, we move to level 2.


At level 2,

we have established a so-called creator consciousness that enables us to create the world around us. We are conscious that our reality corresponds to our thoughts and feelings. We are aware that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. When we continue to dissolve our ego state more and more, we move to level 3.


At level 3,

we develop channel consciousness in which we feel connected with our environment. We act out of a sense of surrender and overcome our ego and sense of separation. We are more receptive to intuitive insights and we are entering into a flow state where things happen through us rather than by us. Traditional goals might not motivate us as we become obsessed with fulfilling our unique mission.


At level 4,

we expand our consciousness even more and self-realize a sense of absolute oneness with life itself. We experience the opportunity to limitless awareness. When being in harmony with our existence we encounter who we are and might consider ourselves as the drivers for effective change. In eastern philosophies, the state refers to the concept of dharma and it is associated with finding your proper place in this world.


On our personal growth journey, we bounce back and forth between these levels.


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