How to Accelerate Your Individual Transformation (and Change With Ease)

Most people want to transform and become the best version of themselves.

But how do you transform and what does transformation mean?

Transformation is a continuous process. It takes time. It requires patience. It asks you to step outside your comfort zone. It is challenging — and that’s the point.

The biggest challenge when it comes to transformation is often to take the first step. Our subconscious navigates us. As a result, our habits control us. How do you break poor patterns? First of all, you must discover the area in which you would like to change.

There are 5 Transformation Levels:

  1. Identity
  2. Beliefs & Values
  3. Behavior
  4. Capabilities
  5. Environment

Decide on your area of transformation.

On which level would you like to start your personal transformation? You might start on the most obvious level and change your environment first. Think about concrete actions that you can take. If you are surrounded by negative people who drain your energy decide to spend as little time as possible with those individuals. Search for more positive people instead. Remember that we become like the people we spend the most time with! Notice how you transform when you make adjustments to your environment.

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