How To Overcome Negative Emotional Responses

If you like to improve your emotional intelligence you benefit from knowing how emotional triggers work. 


Emotional triggers are certain words, events, memories, images, sounds, smells, and sensations that evoke strong emotional reactions. They can remind us of a traumatic event or an experience and trigger an emotional reaction in the here and now. 

Would you like to get rid of some negative emotions you are experiencing during your daily work?


The more you are aware of what emotionally triggers you the better you can handle them. It is a crucial leadership skill and an essential component to cooperate effectively. Consequently, it’s a success factor for generating professional impact.


Although this knowledge is critical, rarely we were taught how these triggers work. Let’s change that now. 


First of all, humans are not predominately rationally oriented. Even if most believe so. We are mostly value- and emotionally driven. Value-driven behavior is about constructing a life with particular qualities, a life that moves in particular, chosen directions. The useful wilderness metaphor is that values provide the compass bearing that we can move toward. Qualities such as appreciation, collaboration or challenges might be essential for you. 

When we experience traumatic value violations in our childhood and others disrespect these values at the workplace, our emotional triggers are activated. 

This situation can create a lack of internal resources, such as the desperate need for recognition. Based on this deficit we form expectations or demands on our environment to compensate for what we are longing for. This can lead to adverse behavioral patterns that seem to take control of us.

A professional trigger can show up in the form of willing to accommodate towards the superior, condescending behavior towards subordinates, work refusal, know-at-all behavior, and so on.

In these cases, professional coaching can be an effective and sustainable tool to overcome quickly the inner feeling of lack that keeps our triggers moving You will free yourself from your self-imposed limitations and find motivation to move on in a more positive sense. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to free yourself from negative emotions you are experiencing on a regular basis? 

If so, let’s connect. 

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