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1:1 Coaching Packages
Team Coaching

We engage a deep dive process to shine a light into your most unintegrated and wounded parts, your highest potential and purpose. We do this in the context of either your professional or personal life with a natural interconnection.

  • 1:1 Coaching by Zoom video platform or in-person (flexible location, or Walk&Coach)
  • Session duration: between 90 minutes, or as agreed  
  • The rhythm of the units varies to suit your individual needs, ideally weekly or biweekly 
  • Engagements last anything from 6 sessions, excluding your Free 30 min Discovery Session
  • Sessions are payable on an hourly rate or upfront as a more favorable package price

1:1 coaching topics include among others:

Overcoming your mental, emotional, and energetic blockages

Shine light into areas of your most unintegrated self. Heal and become whole again. Restore your full range of mental, emotional, and energetic life.

Improving your decision-making authority

Navigate safely through uncertain times. Become receptive to higher levels of insights. Make smarter decisions to secure your professional and economic progress.

Reaching outstanding performance levels 

Improve your (self-)leadership skills. Manage yourself effectively. Sharpen your focus. Learn to thrive in our demanding high-paced business environment. Find balance in your professional and private life.

Ignite your inventive genius 

Become your most innovative and creative self. Find unconventional solutions and solve existing problems with ease.

Mastering the art of mindfulness & manifestation 

Understand and apply different tools depending on your current level of consciousness to raise your awareness. Cultivate your presence. Bring mind, body & soul into coherent alignment. 

Mastering transitions into new positions

Overcome challenges that occur during professional transitions. Learn to hold your ground and become unshakably resilient.

Expanding your relational intelligence

Boost your interpersonal impact. Become your best authentic self. Refine your capacity to listen, your ability to attune to people and groups. Connect with others easily.

Genuine You Coaching Starter:

Small package to get started with your transformation process. 

  • 6 Coaching sessions (à 90 minutes)
  • Individual exercises &  material 
  • WhatsApp contact between sessions 

Genuine You Coaching Package:

Sustainable, life-integrated transformation of your career development and/or work environment.

  • 12 Coaching sessions (à 90 minutes), or 2 – 3 full day on-site intensives 
  • Individual exercises &  material 
  • WhatsApp contact between sessions 

Career Transition Package:

Impact Vision`s most comprehensive coaching program. 

  • 36 Coaching sessions (à 90 minutes) per year, or 6 – 9 full day on-site intensives 
  • Individual exercises &  material 
  • WhatsApp contact between sessions

Career transition topics include among others:

Explore your strenghts and values: 

Become clear on your natural gifts and qualites. Realign yourself with your values and use them as navigator for your career transition.

Accelerating impact visions 

Create clarity of your career & life vision. Understand your highest potential & purpose. Explore your most meaningful contribution. Empower yourself for your mission.

Implementation & execution

Define concret goals and feel empowered to act upon them. 

Prices upon request. Please connect and let’s have a chat. 

“Dream Team Essentials” is an effective training for teams because it goes below the “behavior iceberg” to work with all the drivers for how we lead, perform or behave.  

It is quite simple – if you want to produce lasting performance change in any area of business then you MUST go below the surface and change things in our subconscious brain (or Limbic System).

Namely it works with our attitudes, beliefs, values, emotions and thoughts. These are all things we do not see – but they all play a vital role in the behaviour we show. 

A Step by Step, Structured Approach with Built-in Measures:

  • Questionnaire: Each participant will get a pre & post program diagnostic 360-degree assessment with individual measurements 
  • 12 Clear Framework of Development Areas for Leaders and Teams
  • Buddy Activities
  • Facilitated Live Sessions (With Anne Marie as your LPS Team Coach)
  • MotivAction Plans 
  • LPI Follow Up Questionnaire  and continued growth plan
  • Focus on actions, accountability, implementation and measurable ROI

Team coaching topics include among others 

  • The Elephant and Rider Model – how our core beliefs influence the way we think, feel and behave and how do we create lasting behaviour change 
  • Change and Flexibility – why people resist change and how to develop flexibility in changing times
  • Leading Change – how to effectively communicate change and engage people in the change journey
  • The 6 Step Leadership Coaching Model –  creating a “Safe space” for sharing and reframing selling as an authentic opportunity to help others
  • Clarity of Purpose – uniting the WS-Audiology team under shared purpose and values
  • Personal Values – how to understand and activate values as the foundation of motivation 
  • Self Belief – the foundation of effective leadership
  • Self Awareness – Managing thoughts, feelings and actions for effective communication and leadership
  • Successful Relationship Building through empathy, rapport building, listening and effective use of questions
  • Effective Communication in meetings, negotiations and presentations
  • Sealing the Deal – how to lead the conversion of good relationships into win-win contracts
  • MotivAction – achieving goals grounded in a “motive” or clear purpose
  • Authenticity in Leadership – how to show up with authentic confidence and encourage “followship” through honest, trustworthy and values-based behaviour
Further information upon request.  

Join the Free “Design Your Ideal Career” workshop on

“Realign Your 2023 Goals With Your Core Strengths & Values”  

When: 13th December 2022 at 6:00 pm

Where: Online via Zoom, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84009560844?pwd=WTRTK0pUUmF1V0ZlME8vS25wQm1HUT09

Meeting ID: 840 0956 0844


December is the season to review the past year and set new career goals for 2023. 

Learn how to 

  • take a look back on the year 2022 to evaluate your current status quo
  • work on three career goals for 2023
  • learn how to realign your goals with your strengths and values to navigate in the right career direction 

Please note: This is an interactive workshop. You will be conducting exercises and breakouts. It assures rapid personal transformation. 

I am looking forward to seeing you! 

Anne Marie

Simple Steps to Success

This is how it works.

Your Decision
You Decide to Transform Yourself
You decide to change on a profound level. You know that effective assistance will accelerate your personal growth significantly. You are willing to invest what it takes to generate your desired professional impact.
Your Decision
Schedule a Metting
Book an Appointment
Book your free 30 min Discovery Call to understand how a tailored coaching program will serve your individual needs.
Schedule a Metting
Show Commitment
Trust the process
The coaching units will influence you at a profound level. You will experience a direct effect from within. Practice an increased self-perception during your growth journey and afterward. You will also conduct specific tasks during the sessions to accelerate your progress. ​
Show Commitment
Transformation Completed
Voilà! Meet with new you!
Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a step-by-step progress. Once you have started moving in the right direction you will see changes quickly. This is how you will transform into a version of yourself.
Transformation Completed

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