Become A Goal-Setting Expert (And Stay Focussed Despite Corona Panic)

Do you want to improve your performance and motivation by becoming a goal-setting expert?

Setting clear goals and acting accordingly is a critical success factor in our fast-paced performance-oriented business world. Still, so many people fail to achieve their goals.


The art of goal-setting is a remarkable expertise that can be applied easily when you understand how it works. Become your best version by learning this essential.

Thank god, it\’s not rocket science. You just have to apply these proven tips:

Here’s how…
  • use only intrinsically motivated goals (be clear on why you want to achieve it and make your goal as attractive as possible)
  • formulate your written goals in a proactive way like “I get a promotion” (avoid wording like “I want to”, “I will”, “I should”, etc.)
  • make it as specific as possible (when, where, and with whom do you want to achieve your goal?), e.g. “I get a promotion of 2000 CHF from my boss by the end of 2021”
  • associate yourself into the target status (feel as if you have already reached that goal in this present moment). How does it feel? Change the specificities of your goal until your imagination feels perfectly fine.
  • think about what you gain, what remains the same, and what you lose when you reach your goal. Are you perfectly fine with the consequences and willing to fully accept the target status? Make a clear decision.
  • think about the first step you have to take to make your goal turn into reality?
The most powerful way to transform your career is to conduct an identity shift. Who do you have to become to reach your goal? Use wording like \”I am a successful and well-respected manager\” even if you haven\’t reached that position yet or you are not as successful as you would like to be.

It’s an honor for me to be helping individuals and organizations understand their true intentions and create powerful goals. If you understand the deeper purpose that is connected to your goals the creation of a meaningful career vision becomes easy. Once you clarified the obstacles that keep you from achieving your highest aspirations you are free to turn your dreams into reality.


If you are interested in learning more, please pm me for further support.

Anne Marie

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