Proven Top 10 Tips on How to Embark on a New Career Path (and Become more Fulfilled Professionally)


Many frustrated professionals have difficulties taking action, especially when working full-time. For this reason, I compiled with the valuable support of outstanding experts from my network a list of verified Top 10 Tips that will provide instant value to anyone who is thinking about taking a new direction in their professional life:

  1. Before you start: Become aware that your energy level is essential. According to the law of resonance, you attract the same energy as you are transmitting. Cultivate positive thoughts and feelings.
  2. Decide on your outcome and begin with the end in mind: what do you want to achieve? Release yourself from the expectations of others.
  3. Discover why you want to create this outcome and how it is aligned with yourself. To become successful you must shine from within and give your light to others.
  4. Get a mentor/coach who has done it before and has a proven track record of successful people he/she worked with.
  5. Create a plan with clear milestones & dates based on your mentor’s suggestion. Make sure you have sufficient financial security.
  6. Find a way to stay accountable to your plan, possibly an accountability partner or coach.
  7. Take massive action and leave your comfort zone – face and overcome your biggest fears.
  8. Join a community of like-minded people & interact with them (e.g. joining a Working Out Loud Circle where you can focus on your goal for three months with a clear roadmap and the support of a group of professionals).
  9. Celebrate all wins – big AND small!
  10. Accept your mistakes – be kind to yourself. What matters is that you take your learning with you.

If you like, let me know in the comments if you find this helpful.

Anne Marie

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