Working Without Thinking?

Is it possible to work without thinking?


Actually, it is. I tested it and can approve it. The voice in your head indicates that you are thinking. However, you are not your thoughts. They are a side product of your rational brain. Thinking is great. However, it is also limited. The brain can only access situations based on experiences in the past.


But what if you are facing a complex challenge you haven’t encountered before?


We humans are incredible creatures and we can also SENSE solutions by applying higher consciousness. It will help you perceive situations from a completely new angle and you will receive intuitive insights that will make you problem-solve any situation.



And here’s how it works:

Thinking = Doing                   Sensing = Being (!!!)


Find a couples of minutes of quietness and connect with yourself. Become aware that you are neither your thoughts, feelings, nor your body. Dive into what’s left if you consciously stop thinking and let go of all the noice around you.

Now focus on the challenge you would like to find a solution for. Dive into your full awareness and PERCEIVE. You will start seeing the situation differently. New insights and answers will kick in. You intuitively created a solution nearly effortlessly.


This is just for beginners. If you train this skill you can do it automatically in any situation.

Sounds a bit like black magic? Maybe, but it’s also highly efficient.


Would you like to apply higher consciousness to problem-solve? Let’s have a chat.



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