You Are Good Enough

Are you feeling unworthy?

Many believe that we have to work harder in order to become more self-confident and successful. Often we tend to focus on all the things we have not yet done perfectly so we circle around our so-called weaknesses. But what if confidence actually works the other way around?

Instead of criticizing yourself, try something new: Take a couple of minutes and think about what you are naturally good at. What qualities, characteristics, and abilities define who you really are? What are the things that feel naturally easy for you? What are others admiring you for?

And here comes the SECRET (!)
Instead of using random affirmations, make it a habit to remember situations in which you have demonstrated these unique qualities. Feel the positive emotions that naturally flow through you.

Do it as often as you can. This is how you increase not only your self-confidence but also your self-worth. Essential components to becoming more successful in the long run.

Share in the comments what you appreciate most about yourself.

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