Kick Up Your Confidence

It was inspiring to talk to brilliant women in tech at the #girlsintechswitzerland workshop on confidence to share experiences and explore the topic of female leadership. 


After a great kickboxing session, we talked about common issues that women are facing in tech-related fields.

So hands up to all women in tech, here are some hacks to decrypt the code of confidence:

\"✔️\" Find your unique problem-solving abilities. Become aware of what you are good at and what you love doing. Focus on your unique identity on what makes you special and build your brand.

\"✔️\" Realistic self-trust also means knowing what you are not good at. And that’s perfectly fine.
\"✔️\" Reframe “failures” as growth opportunities. We learn best through mistakes.

\"✔️\" Empathy is a superpower. Being empathic is no contraction to being perceived as confident. The key is to be kind to people but remains hard on the topic/content.

\"✔️\" If you came up with a great idea but you feel insecure about presenting it, challenge your team by asking great questions. Don´t give in before you fully understood the proposed solutions of others.
\"✔️\" Always evaluate the feedback that you are receiving. Never let others dim your light. Being confident means that others might not always agree with how you present yourself. But you need to find your way.

\"✔️\" It´s okay to interrupt. A common issue for women is to race their voices in team meetings. We tend to wait for a pause or visual contact before speaking. This often doesn’t work well with men as they tend to communicate differently.


Why are confidence and authenticity important? Being able to fully express yourself and contribute with your ideas leads to better problem-solving and ultimately to better innovation.


Women in tech play a vital role in upgrading corporate and economic systems and providing more diverse and sustainable solutions.


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