Why Is Value-oriented Coaching Way More Sustainable?

Do you know why value-oriented coaching is way more sustainable than goal-oriented coaching?

As humans, we want to fully live out values that a most important to us. We also try our best to avoid that other people or circumstances are preventing us from staying true to them. Through goals, we only want to activate our values.

As we are all different, every one of us has a distinct set of values. Even our definitions of certain values differ. Values serve us to evaluate what we consider right and wrong. Examples of values in the professional field can be appreciation, leadership, decision-making authority, resilience, performance, or success.

The purpose of changing yourself on a profound level results from the desire to fully live out your values. Therefore, value-oriented coaching will help you to figure out what you want and heal previous value violations from the past. This will help you to get what you want in your life.

If you feel negatively impacted by your work environment chances are high that you are unable to stay true to aspects that are most relevant for you. Anyone should be able to stay authentic to their unique set of values and be able to contribute them positively to the workplace.

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