Would You Like To Break Out?

If you still believe that coaching doesn’t work and it is a waste of time & money, you might be never able to break out of your “golden cage”?


The thing no one will tell you is that it makes more sense to change your perspective and understand that coaching can help you effectively overcome deep-rooted patterns you might not even be aware exist. The results can be surprisingly immediate. Get this, it can even be fun! Why not give it a try? But how do you know if coaching has been effective and when coaching is appropriate?


A recent client was amazed that after seeing a psychologist, who they appreciated interacting with regularly, there had been no real resulting progress. So she gave coaching a chance to bring a fresh take on her challenges. In just our first session, she experienced a life-changing epiphany. Coming from abroad to marry a local, she realized in a tearful moment, how much she had sacrificed her true self to make it work. She felt like she had been boxed into complying with “cold” social expectations and conformity.


Frankly, even I was impressed, because her realization came after more than 25 sessions with a conventional mental health professional, which cost her thousands. So I asked, had to ask, was this really the first time you talked about how you really feel? Amazingly, it was the first time she was able to do so. Such a profound reaction and change in emotional state reminded me, coaches work as equal peers with clients,  we can fall into the same situations and constantly need to raise questions, take new perspectives, and assess the results. This is what I love about being a personal development consultant, I get back as much as I give to my clients.


Would you like to experience the power of unleashing your personal development?


It is my passion to consult with people who either struggle or seek to leap ahead. Whereas mental health professionals often fall into a pattern of retaining clients for longer periods (e.g. psychiatric medication has long-term implications), my goal is to help facilitate long-lasting enhancements for my clients more efficiently and effectively. It has been my experience that this generates a more meaningful impact and naturally grows my business through positive feedback and word of mouth. This inspires me.


What is your perspective on effective personal development and mental wellness? Please share in the comments.

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